Posters 2019

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Shany Ben Moshe Investigation of the role of operational dynamics on biochemical efficiency of a soil aquifer treatment system - A long-column experiment
Eyal Bitkover Early warning detection of water contamination in the Kinneret watershed’s streams using advanced spectral devices
Theodor Bughici Field Crop Irrigation - Multi-Objective optimization and sensitivity to weather Forecast Accuracy
Nirrit CohenThe Effect of Amyloid Fibers on E. coli -Clay interactions
Ran DarziMulti-phase Nitrogen tracking in plant, soil, drainage and gaseous emissions for evaluating Nitrogen use efficiency and loss mitigation in greenhouse experiment with enhanced efficiency fertilizers
Emmanuel EmokolEffect of irrigation with aquaculture drainage water on hydraulic properties of Arava soils along 3 growing cycles of Basil
María Pat. González-DugoMonitoring of pasture net primary production and water stress using remote sensing in a holm oak savanna rangeland
Moshe HalpernThe role of nitrogen in photosynthetic acclimation to elevated [CO 2 ] in tomatoes
Nitai HaymannEffects of variable fetch and footprint on surface renewal measurements of sensible and latent heat fluxes in cotton |
Timea IgnatHyperspectral monitoring of salt sensitivity in grafted tomatoes
Alaa JamalA novel inflation method for Ensemble Kalman filter-based data assimilation in a crop model used for irrigation scheduling
Pauline KessouriIn situ geo-electrical measurements to estimate water content in agricultural contexts
Escain KiwondeNitrogen fertilization of plants in the desalinated-water era. A study of interactions of nitrogen with chloride
Isaac KramerDegradation and Reclamation: A simplified model for salinity and sodicity
Mark LeikinUnderstanding the role of herbaceous vegetation cover on soil structure in vineyards
Yasmin LeviRow orientation affects the momentum flux in wine grapevines
Elad LevintaleGreenhouse: a mobile sensor package for real-time greenhouse monitoring
Xin LiuNumerical modelling of nitrogen transformation and transport response to dynamic environment in capillary fringe
Yang LyuOptimizing fertilizer management for improved pomegranate productivity and quality
Bhuvaneshwari ManivannanDisinfected (chlorinated) water: what affects the correlations between formation of byproducts and organic matter descriptors?
Nativ RotbartValidation of the protocol of the fumigation method for determining carbon and nitrogen in the microbial biomass of soils
Dolev TerminSite Specific Nitrogen management in citrus orchard to minimize nitrogen pollution
Kuzma TsukanovNoninvasive measurements of plant roots using spectral induced polarization
David YalinA cheap, simple method for mapping available phosphorus in undisturbed soils
David YalinLack of oxygen, the silent culprit behind the damage to treated wastewater irrigated orchards planted in clay soils – evidence and soil management solutions
Zengyu ZhangNon-invasive geo-electrical monitoring of nitrogen transformation processes across a dynamic capillary fringe
Jingbo ZhenIrrigation level and crop load effects on yield and water flow in SPAC of date palms