The 14th Dr. Dahlia Greidinger International Symposium 2023

The 14th Dr. Dahlia Greidinger International Symposium 2023

General Information


The language of the meeting is English. Oral presentations will be 15 (regular) or 30 (invited) minutes. Please remember that the key here is exchange of ideas, and prepare your talk accordingly to allow some time for questions (3 min for regular presentation and 5 min for invited one). The presentation halls are equipped with a computer and projector with windows operating system, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat reader.

You are expected to send your presentation to your session convenor at least a day prior to the session (email will be sent by the session convenors to the speakers in their session). Connecting your own computer will not be allowed.


Poster boards are vertical (portrait), roughly 70 by 100 cm. Larger or different orientation posters can be accepted as well but need to coordinated in advance. If you need a table and power outlet, that also can be arranged (at least for some posters) but needs to be set in advance. Presenters should bring their printed poster with them. Fixtures for the hanging of posters will be provided.

Foreign participants

During check-in when you present your passport and the B2 entrance card which you receive at the airport (which indicates your exemption for paying VAT), the rate of the accommodation will be reduced accordingly.

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